Monday, August 19, 2013

Big Announcement: This Little Bird is Heading South!

So, at the end of my last post I said I had a big announcement.... what is that announcement you ask?

Well, I'm going to be as badass as that above badass eagle, and I'm heading to 'murica for a year!

The cutting trainer I have been working for is an american, and is heading back stateside after being up here for a few years. She invited me to join her down there. I will meet up with her mid to end September and we will travel through Texas and California for two months doing show circuits, then head to Utah for a futurity, and then will settle in Arizona for the winter.

It's all very crazy, and I am not "prepared" in the least, but I'm taking the jump because, as you guys know, this is all I want to do right now...

 and what better place to learn how to do that in, than in the cutting capital of the world?

This is a Ronald McDonald cutting a cow outside a McDonald's in Weatherford, TX. You know it's a big deal when... (AND his mount is a trusty paint horse, what what)

Storytime: The universe has a funny way of deciding one's fate sometimes.

When I was 18 I sat on an experienced cutting horse, and held on for dear life as I "cut" a flag for the first time. The feeling I got was indescribable, I felt at home. I still haven't gotten over that first feeling. His owner, my fairy horse godmother, hadn't always had an easy life. We were chatting about cutting, and riding in general because at the time I didn't even know what cutting was and often referred to it as "cowhorse". (Big No-No... sometimes I still don't know what cutting is haha) I remember looking at the bronzes and buckles she had won, and having her say to me "I wish I had tried, I wish I had jumped in and given up everything when I was younger and just given this thing a go. If I had, I think I would be a lot farther along and accomplished than I am now. I regret it everyday." That sentance stayed with me for a long time. I dredged through crappy horse related jobs for quite a few years after that with her words echoing in my mind.
 However, I also try to always remain humble, and so often when I find myself doing something that isn't glamorous or fun in the horse world, my mantra is "pay your dues." I would like to think that even if i'm older, and accomplished, I'll still feel the need to pay those same dues.

I knew that the end of my University career was approaching, and I decided that come September 2013 I was going to do just that, I was going to "give this thing a go". I put that out into the universe, and held onto that idea during many late night cram sessions. Never in my wildest dreams during those late nights would I have thought a mere year later I would get an opportunity like this. I am blessed.

Of course, there's that nagging part of me that worries I will fail, or that this thing will be a bust, but for now, I'm just holding on for dear life. I'm sick and tired of surrounding myself with stagnation and negativity in the horse industry, and the horse people I know. This year I'm focusing on two things - personal development, and dream chasing, and that's all that matters from here and out.

If you have a boring life, maybe you just need to add a little paint. :)

& what about my main man you ask? Well, that's the only part of my life that even held me back a smidge. For the first few months we'll be travelling so much it would be impossible to come, however, come November and us landing in Arizona, my boss said that she could definitely accomodate him coming down to live with us! The whole question of what to do with Jingle weighed heavily on me. The barn we're at now is much too expensive to keep a horse at while i'm not even in town. I wanted him to go somewhere very safe, and trustworthy, I envisioned a family type place with a couple show horses, or retired horses. Luckily for me, I think I found the perfect place. A man I work with at my office has three daughters, similiar in age to me, who show very high level 4-H, as well as WP and Reined Cowhorse. They have 10 acres, and three show horses and a nice little barn incase the weather gets crazy. He immediately offered to take Jingle for about $150 a month. I also wanted him to be somewhere that, just in case something were to go awry, he could stay for a year if need be. They are totally fine with that, and also claim they are okay with me emailing every single day to make sure he's still alive and happy. :)

So, this blog is going to take a bit of a southern twist soon, and the wild-eyed paint might just become a desert horse yet - Jingle amongst the cactus, can you imagine?!


  1. Wow! Amazing news. What part of AZ? (If you don't mind me asking.) I grew up north of Tucson and my dad's family ranched outside of Prescott for generations.

    Kudos to you for following your dream. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

    1. I will have to admit right out of the gate that I am pretty bad with american geography - something I have a feeling I'll be polishing up on this year.

      We'll be in Cave Creek? Outside of Scottsdale, don't know if that is familiar sounding/anywhere close to where you guys were. If it is tell me all about it haha, especially the horse scene ;)

  2. Cave Creek is straight north of Phoenix and east of Interstate 17 a little. You will be close to blogger /Facebook friend Mikey and the gang up by Wickenburg, they are further west off highway 60 and not too far way. They are farriers, "Fearless Farriery". Sure wish I would have had an opportunity like this in my younger days! Live the dream, girl!

    1. I've never read her blog - I'll have to look into it, thanks Shirley!

  3. Amazing!! What a kick ass opportunity!

  4. That's seriously amazing! You'll have to let me know where in california you come :)

    1. We'll be in Paso Robles for the most part, but travelling alot during the pacific rim circuit i think it's called? still pretty fuzzy on all the details.

  5. What a crazy and awesome adventure you will have, congrats!