Monday, April 22, 2013


I am all hunkered down studying for my last finals of my last year of University, and I'm really missing this guy...

Why does "life" always come in the way of horses? One day, life will be horses, I tell ya. 

Sometimes it strikes me how much my life has changed this last year because of him, how can one life be so wrapped up and intertwined in another. Love ya Jingle.

In that train of thought, one of my most favourite songs is Corb Lund's "She Won't Come to Me", only Corb Lund could make a song about a wild mare, sound like the most beautiful love song. Of course, I couldn't find a video for the darn song, but look it up - it sure is nice.

"She won't come to anyone whose frightened to be free
She stiffens and she shivers
and she wheels and lopes away across the unfenced sections,
I won't catch that mare today.
So as I roam the prairies for a chance to try again
Behind me through the grasses drag, the braided leather reins..."

I am sure am a sucker for some melancholy western music... So, I'll leave ya with another great Corb Lund song, (that I could find a video for on the 'ol youboob) :)

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