Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer in Photos: 3

 26. Storms, On Storms, On Storms

27. Best Friends!
Brigitte and I, with our respective loves, Mac and Cash.

28. Creepin'
Hahahahahaha, this is one of my absolute favourite photos of Jingle. He is ALWAYS creeping on people, he seriously loves to people-watch, (and horse, animal, activity-watch). This totally shows his personality, "Hey, whatchya doing, kinda scared, but I like it.."

29. Braided Baby
Unimpressed that I braided him... Look how nice they are though?!

30. Misty Mornings

31. Grease River Fever

32. Gate Before the Red

33. I'll love you forever, I'll love you for always

34. A Trip to the Dentist!
Jingle was unimpressed... two large doses of tranq later, he didn't have to match to say on the subject

35. River Ridin'

36. Water Valley Saloon!
At this point in the evening... I was thinking that blurry photos was artsy, and I had actually stopped drinking... you know how it is.

37. Dirty Love

38. Swim-Rides!
It was such a brutally hot summer that one of my favourite things to do with the kids was a short ride, that swept down from the ridge, into the river, I'd do a bit of a river ride, and then some river trotting and loping, and we'd finish up by taking our saddles off, letting the horses eat, and the kids swim. It was awesome.

39. Hail Carnage
The forest floor after a particularly bad storm

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