Sunday, June 3, 2012

Riding Diary: 18

Horse: Quiz

Bit: Straight Shank Roller Bit

Time: 1 Hr

Ride: My lesson went well... I sure wish I had the time to ride Quiz more, but, nonetheless I always walk away with something to mentally run through in my head. For our warmup, my trainer had us posting-trot pole bending poles. We then moved onto loping those poles. Quiz was swapping leads, and as you know I struggle to know 100% which lead i'm on at all times, and so that was frustrating. However, I'm starting to figure it out more and more. I've always had a hard time focusing on the entire package of rider + horse, and now i'm figuring out timing and feel more and more.

Loping the poles I was bending Quiz more than I should have, and so I was focusing on keeping her straight, and I think she did really good. She's such a quick, zippy horse, I really do love riding her and my trainer noted how she is starting more and more to use her back-end, and how exercises like this really help her with that. Then we jogged and then loped on an entirely loose rein. Quiz, of course, was zipping around on the lope, but it was a pretty cool feeling totally abandoning contact and just letting her do her thing for once. The thing we need to work on is breaking down from the lope to the walk, Quiz digs in and stops, instead of just slowing down into the lope. Causing me, of course, to look so graceful. As always.

For Next Time: Keeping her straight through the poles, working on breaking down from lope to walk, and as always, focus more on the entire package.

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